Footvolley - France vs. Portugal - Footage

The second quarter final was a clash between last years EFC finalists Portugal 1 and France 1. The portugese players Nelson Pereira and Miguel Pinheiro are always a contender for the title, with a second place in the European Footvolley Championship in 2016 in Schwäbisch Gmünd and a win in 2017 in Albufeira. The french players Susini Dominique and Plasenzotti Anghjulu Maria have played both finals against Portugal and were the winners in 2016 - the first European Footvolley Championship ever. It was a very close game and the lead changed between the teams throughout the whole game. The portugese took the first set with the score 18-15. France needed to figure out how to beat the Portugese. In the second set France came out flying and secured a third set with by winning the set 18-13. In the third set Portugal proved to be the stronger team and won the set 15-13. A close game all the way and the finalist from 2016 and 2017 ends their journey already in the quarter final. Now they have to rely on France 2 to defend the french honor.