Footvolley - France 2 vs. Switzerland - Footage

The third quarter final was between the young talents from France against the more experienced pair from Switzerland. Antoine Ottaviani and Lucien Alessandri is an up and coming team from France and they play spectacular footvolley using the whole range of footvolley tricks combined with good stamina, strength and technique. It's worth noticing the attacks from the prodigy Lucien. He is already a crowd favorite. On the other side of the court we have the golden oldies Nils Fehr and Benedikt Zwyssig. The pair probably is the most experienced team in Europe and they have found their way all the way to the quarter finals by playing smart and effective. Nils even showing the young guys how to shark.

In the game the swiss team was no matchup to the french and the final score was 18-7 18-7 in favor of the french. We still hope to see Switzerland in many tournaments to come.